7 Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas for 2017

Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen area, or you are interested in remodelling it or perhaps putting up a brand new home or just want to update some key details in the existing kitchen décor, before you spend any money, it is extremely important to get information about the trending fresh kitchen design ideas for 2017. Take a look:

1. Make room for storage

Kitchen Storage

One of the greatest mistakes many home owners make at the planning stage is failing to allow for enough storage space. Experts recommend that every nook and cranny should be used. Instead of leaving a gap on top that is likely to collect dust, overhead cabinets should be put right up to the ceiling. Deep drawers should be considered for easier access to pans and pots. Be sure to include sufficient storage for kitchen appliances that would otherwise clutter up your counter top.

2. Resin floors

Today resin floors are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for design-led yet hard-wearing, noise absorbing surface. Many home owners prefer this Material Lumina resin floor for its super smooth, seamless and water proof finish. Resin flooring is super practical for kitchens of all types, as it is compatible with the under floor heating, easy to clean, and above all its available in any color of your choice.

3. Polished concrete

concrete kitchen

Polished concrete is smooth and contemporary. Polished concrete worktops consist of a rainbow of assorted multi-colored stone flecks that give the surface an added interest. Polished concrete worktops also lend industrial feel to your kitchen, and also has the added advantage of being easy to maintain. A work surface such as this brings about the seamless feel as well as a strong sense of design making it a signature piece in any type of kitchen.

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

kitchen appliances

One of the most popular and most effective kitchen designs ideas is installing a new energy-efficient appliance, such as dual fuel range with a convention double oven, high-range hood, an energy star-certified refrigerator and water saving panelled dishwasher.

5. Black kitchens

Black Kitchen

Today, black is the color that keeps popping up in many kitchens, manufacturers are banking on black to be the noteworthy color for kitchens in 2017.

6. See the light

kitchen lighting

Overhead lighting is not sufficient in the kitchen, unlike in the other rooms. In your kitchen, you do not want light behind you casting shadow on your work space. You need the light positioned to fall right in front of you. Personally I like under-cabinet lights as they shine directly on the counter tops.

7. Safety first

kitchen safety

Lastly one great kitchen design Idea is to make safe and family friendly to your family. You can achieve this by planning for great visibility to the backyard and indoor play areas from your cooking area. You should also consider safety-conscious elements such as slip-resistant flooring, rounded counter tops and ovens located at adult height. This will minimise chances of accidental burns.

Your kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of your home, so I’m sure you want your cooking area to always look its best. Take a look at a few more trendy kitchen design ideas for 2017 by visiting Kitchen Showroom Norwich.