5 Smart Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are some smart kitchen ideas for urbanites and small-home owners who were constantly looking for some solutions to use every inch of their precious space. Following are some kitchen design ideas for today’s homes:

Work On the Color Scheme of your kitchen

colour scheme
The first of all things is to work on the colour scheme of walls, the cabinets, and countertop. If you have real wood cabinets in your kitchen, strip off the old finish and get it done again by a pro. If they are not wood, paint them in a classy colour, or you can do it in contrast with walls. Choose a colour that makes your kitchen look huge.

Use Walls As A Storage Unit

wall storage
If your kitchen does not have space to add more cabinets and the one that is already installed are filled, work the walls. Do not work the countertops as it is a precious commodity, but the walls remain quite free. Instead of storing items on your countertop, use wall shelves and hooks and hang them.

Convert An Island Into Seating

kitchen island


If there is an island in your kitchen, you can convert it into a dining table. They not only provide a workspace, but also a place to enjoy delicious meals. If you want to make the full utilisation of the available space, consider underneath stools that can be stashed when not in use.

Do Not Waste the Corners

kitchen corner
If you can conquer the corners of your kitchen, you are a step close to a perfect kitchen design. There are lots of ways to use the corners – install a lazy Susan or drawers to organise your stuff and keep kitchen supplies accessible. Another thing you can do with corners is to install a sink or even the stove.

Find Unused Space and Use It

Reclaim Space

Pay great attention to each and every single detail if you have limited space and you will find a place to store more items. The sides of the island are often forgotten that you can use to store jars and bottles. You can also use the space to install a slip rack for spices.There are plenty of ways to convert your small kitchen into an ideal place, and all you need to do is planning.

Moreover,coming up with a modern kitchen design is easy, as long as you know what you want, what to do about it and where to get help to do it. You just need to be confident about your choices and be prepared to make the necessary adjustments to come up with your dream kitchen in no time.

Most people are unable to do anything about their small kitchens, but with a little patience, you will be able to find other trending design ideas online to get your dream kitchen regardless of how diminutive its size.